Our Location – Map 20

We are conveniently located at 444 East Basse Road, San Antonio, TX, 78209.  We are the closest premium golf course to our busy Downtown and Riverwalk areas and are just minutes from the San Antonio International Airport.  Use the interactive Google Map below to view where we are located.

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20 thoughts on “Our Location – Map

  • Andrew Ober

    My name is Andrew and I work for a company called Awesome Media Productions. We specialize in creating media content for all types of businesses. Our biggest accomplishments can be attributed to our skilled 4k resolution drone pilots. I’m an avid golfer, and have noticed that when I’m playing a nice course, or any course for that matter, it would be advantageous to see the hole layouts from a bird’s-eye view (especially on a course I’ve never played before).

    I know some courses have screens in the carts the show some information, but what if we could create flyover content of each hole, and detail any hazards/distances from the cart screen, or even from your website/phone app?

    Please feel free to see some of the commercials that we’ve created for other businesses at http://www.awesomemediaproductions.com

    If this is something that interests you, or you’d like to learn more and even set up a consultation, please don’t hesitate to call or email me at any time.

    (512) 738-3757



  • Cheryl Evans

    Can the Holiday gift certificate special for 2 rounds of golf be purchased on line or must it be purchased in the Pro shop? What hours is the pro shop open.What time is your pro shop open?

    • Admin for QuarryGolf.com Post author

      Hello Cheryl. Unfortunately they cannot be purchased online. They must be purchased in the Pro Shop. The Pro Shop opens at 7am and closes at about 6pm. We look forward to seeing you and thanks for thinking of The Quarry!

    • Admin for QuarryGolf.com Post author

      Good morning Terria. That is a good question. Our days have certainly grown longer but we might not quite be there yet. Perhaps you could if the pace of play was pretty fast.

  • Karen Linstad

    I am looking to hold an event on the evening of April 17 for 15 people. May I set up a time to come in and take a tour of the facility?

    • Admin for QuarryGolf.com Post author

      Good afternoon Karen. Yes of course you can. Our Restaurant and Event Manager is Geoffrey Collins. You can reach out to him at 210-824-4500 and we are forwarding your note along to him as well. Thanks for thinking of The Quarry!

    • Admin for QuarryGolf.com Post author

      Good morning Trevor. We do not specifically have a replay rate. During the summer we go to afternoon twilight rates so to replay you would pay whatever the twilight rate is for that time of day.

  • J Porter

    I am planning a trip for 4, we will be in San Antonio on May 3rd and 4th. We would like to play 36 holes on Friday do you have a rate to cover this. Also, do you have any course maintenance for schedule leading up to this week.

    • Admin for QuarryGolf.com Post author

      Our replay rate is $45 although we may have a Twilight rate in place then that would be lower. No, we currently do not have anything other than regular maintenance on the schedule for those dates.

    • Admin for QuarryGolf.com Post author

      Good morning Monica. Yes, we will be doing some Junior Camps this summer. We have not announced when yet though.

  • Toshihiko Hayakawa

    We are coming to San Antonio on business trip.
    We would like to play golf on July 1st.
    But I can not speak English.
    I have never played golf in the USA
    Two men and one woman.
    Everyone needs a rental club.
    Also, women do not have golf shoes

    Is it possible for us to play on your golf course?

    • Admin for QuarryGolf.com Post author

      Good morning. Yes of course you can play our course. Just go ahead and make a tee time here on the website. We have men’s and women’s rental clubs as well. We look forward to seeing you all!

    • Admin for QuarryGolf.com Post author

      Good evening AJ. We are going to forward your question along to our Pro Shop Staff and they will contact you about it.